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How Long Would It Take To Learn English As A Foreign Language?

by wyyhurry on June 22, 2010

How Long Would It Take To Learn English As A Foreign Language?

How long would it take to learn English as a foreign language? There is no simple answer to this question and learning a language takes time and patience. Making the most of the time a student does have by using it wisely is what really counts.

 Make the time matter by focusing on the following main concepts:

Grasping the general rules of grammar. Teaching the student to understand where different forms of speech fit in relation to one another. Where do the words fit in the sentence?
Expanding their vocabulary. Teaching a student to really understand and grasp as many words as possible in everyday life and situations in the world around them.
Trying out your new language with native speakers.
Watching lessons on video or listening to audio once the basic concepts are grasped.
Reading basic books, even children’s picture books before graduating onwards.
Basic writing exercises like a postcard, shopping list or short poem.
Have lots of patience, both as a student and teacher.
Practice, practice and more practice.

 These are some of the actions that will lead to a more fulfilling well-rounded experience for both the student and teacher. I find students are happier if they have completed one small task in a day and understand it very well, instead of taking on several at one time.

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My passion lies in language and teaching English to foreign language students and young learners who are learning new concepts for the first time.

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