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The Young Men in South Korea Like to Learn Chinese

by rvaughn on June 23, 2010

The Young Men in South Korea Like to Learn Chinese

  In order to exploit job opportunities, the young men in South Korea like to learn Chinese. Yang Zhiyin, a worker in electronic industry of South Korea, always assumed that she could find a good job if she had learned English and Japanese. But now she is busy in attending crash course to learn a language which the people in South Korea always consider as a language of backward country-Chinese. She said, “Recently I have learned that I should learn Chinese. No matter which country you work in or what company you work for, you need to consider doing business with China.” She is currently attending the Chinese courses held by government.

  Because China has surpassed US to become the biggest trading partner of South Korea and there are fewer and fewer job vacancies in local job market, many young men in South Korea are anxious to master a foreign language that has promising future-Chinese. “Being able to speak fluent Chinese can ensure you find a job in South Korea, especially in medium and small enterprises, because these enterprises more depend on trading relationship with China,” said Kim Xiuyong, a professor in Seoul College.

  There are all kinds of advertisements on Chinese course which are post in the street of Seoul. But there is currently not exact statistic about how many people in South Korea are learning Chinese. English is still a foreign language that has the most learners. Guo Shengcun, a South Korea student who is studying in China, said, “If you want to pursue advanced studies, you can choose to go to US or China, because these two countries are the most powerful countries.”

  Seoul Education Bureau hopes to increase 29 to 92 Chinese teachers in junior high school department and senior high school department. Recently, Chinese is adopted as auxiliary course for the Seoul students. They also make use of online Chinese education. For example, http://www.learnchinese1on1.com is a good Chinese-learning website.

  There is something behind the upsurge of learning Chinese: some people in South Korea are worried about the rapidly growing economy of its neighbor country. Guo Zanyou, a textile industry businessman in Seoul, said, “The only way to exist is manufacturing high price merchandises that China can’t make. Otherwise, the companies in South Korea will go bankrupt.”

  Although the upsurge of learning Chinese is temporary tide, many South Korean assumed that the interest on China and Chinese language would be long term trend. Ding Yulee, a Seoul Chinese language teacher, said, “I think everyone in the world need to learn Chinese. If you want to exist in industrial and commercial industry, you should aim at China.”

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